Thursday, February 12, 2015

Celebrating Life

Let's just forget about trying to catch everyone up on the Foerschlers...It's been entirely too long since I blogged.  So currently, this is what the Foerschlers are up to:

Last week our family experienced nearly every emotion possible. At least it felt like it.  Here is the rundown of recent events:

Last Monday: Jonny had his first day at Valley Center Chiropractic-excited/nervous
Tuesday: Jonny's grandpa William Timothy passed away-sadness
Wednesday: I went to go visit my grandmother, as we knew her days were few-sadness
Thursday: My grandma passed away-sadness
Friday: Jonny's grandpa's visitation/rosary-mourning/grief
Saturday: William Timothy's (grandpa) funeral and burial
                 William Timothy's 1st birthday
The William Timothys (at Christmas)

Sunday: Jonny and I sang How Sweet the Sound at church-very healing and moving for us
              Will's birthday party in the afternoon
Monday: my grandma's funeral service

Although we had 2 funerals and a first birthday over the weekend, we truly felt like our weekend was about celebrating LIFE.  Both of our grandparents really LIVED life and we pray that our William lives and loves like they did.

And so far in 1 year of life our little Will has brought so much happiness and joy to our family.  He is just so happy most of the time and has really started to develop quite the ornery personality.

At 12 months Will LOVES:

  • his big brother-he wants to be wherever Wes is and he loves it when he chases him or "wrestles" with him
  • his pacifiers 
  • FOOD-we have yet to give him a food he won't eat
  • playing peek-a-boo and being chased
  • remotes, or anything he shouldn't be playing with
  • blankets-snuggles and loves his blanket up by his face when he sleeps; it's the cutest 
  • baths
Will is not a fan of:

  • getting his diaper changed
  • when mommy/daddy/babysitter walks out of the room
  • lactose-discovered around 6 months that he gets very sick when he has any lactose (formula, yogurt)
  • when you take away a "toy"-cries as if you just crushed his soul
Developmentally, Will is:

  • taking a few steps, but not yet walking
  • crawls super fast, stands independently (clapping for himself)
  • babbles with lots of different syllables-most recent is "gagagaga"
  • eating a mix of baby food and table food, but starting to phase out the baby food
  • has 4 bottles a day (soy formula)
  • sleeps 11 hours at night (waking a few times when he loses his paci)
  • signs "more"
  • wears 12-18 month clothes
  • weighs around 21 pounds
  • has the cutest rolls
Sock Monkey 1st Birthday Party!

My "baby" Will is 1!

Big brother helped blow out the candle

One of these days we will learn to take the family pic first...

Fascinated by great-Grandpa Martz
And the moral of the story is...Life is a gift, celebrate it!

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